Toshiba launches its new Ultra HD laptop as Satellite P50t 4k

Toshiba_Chromebook_highresToshiba recently made an announcement about the release of its newest laptop in the line of ultra HD machines by the company. Named as the Satellite P50t 4k, this notebook is created with a 15.6 inch screen and can thus offer 282 pixels per inch. However, the price for the same has not been released.

4k resolution with four times as many pixels as Full HD is quickly overpowering the display industry. The same has already started making an impact in the TV market and is now making way in the desktop monitors. Laptop screens are naturally bound to be the next step in their evolution and Toshiba trying to get ahead in this race is ushering in a new notebook which comes with an alternative Ultra HD display.

Satellite P50t 4k by Toshiba will be the first-of-its kind machine that will offer such high screen resolution and a screen of 15.6 inch, this works to be 282 pixels per inch. Each 4k display by Toshiba is calibrated by the Portrait Display by Chroma Tune software released by Technicolor Color certified to fine tune the color gamut for digital artists, designers and any person who will be interested in investing on such a configuration.

The buyers will also like the high-quality specs which come alongside the Ultra HD display property. This will include an AMD Radeon R9 M265X graphics card, Intel Core i7 processor and an in-built Blu-ray drive. The notebook will also come with a 16GB of RAM and 1 TB hard drive. An Ultrabook with all this and such amazing specs is an ideal bet at 4.86 pounds and 1.1 inch thickness.

In case buyers want to spend a little less but for the same configuration, a version of Satellite P50t is also available without the Ultra HD display. The price part by Toshiba has still not been revealed, but users can pretty soon get hands on experience, at least in the U.K. to begin with.

The ultra-loaded machines from Toshiba sometimes leave the users without an answer of how to troubleshoot or install or un-install a new program on these machines. To help are the Toshiba tech support experts, who can be reached by making just one call.

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Norton Alarms an Instagram Scam, Involving US $1000 Free Giveaway

NortonThe well known digital data protection company Norton, is alarming users not to follow those Instagram Accounts that promise to give away US $1000 all for free on a condition that you simply have to start following them and comment on their post. This Instagram scam is pretty new and was very active the past week. Instagram scammers were actually using images of offering fake lottery winnings to followers on their accounts. Surprisingly they were quite much successful in fooling people out and have convinced people (their followers) to share their posts, give up personal information, and even send money back to the scammers. These accounts had 5000 to 100,000 followers.

In this Instagram lottery scam, scammers actually followed a simple technique, they at first made number of Instagram accounts, which they then used to impersonate as real-life lottery winners from UK and US. In these accounts they simply posted a photo that claims that they won a lottery and are willing to giveaway US $1000 from the winning amount to every single Instagram user who will follow them and then leave comment with an email address or share their post.

Once the scammers built up a certain number of followers in Instagram then, they reveal another Instagram account that belongs to their accountant and who is in charge of delivering the US $1000 amount to the users, but with a catch. The catch is, in order to deliver the said US $1000 amount, these accountants account ask Instagram users to send US $0.99 in order to cover the postage fees for sending the checks. Even though the amount seems less with a single user, but when combined it does becomes a pretty hefty sum. Besides this the other main goal of this scam is to build up thousands of followers for personal use or for resale. An account having thousands of followers is worth a good sum.

So what should a user do is stay away from such kind of posts and accounts, and use a strong internet protection software, like the Norton Internet Security from Symantec. This tool is a pretty reliable solution that protects you from all online threats and notifies you of all suspected links, posts, activities etc. Usually, these tools does work fine but if you face any problem with using it or installing it. Simply calling at Norton customer support number and telling your issues to expert can solve your problems.

There are many support companies, but only a few are good. Techcillin is one of the best companies that provide effective and quick support for Norton issues.

As these kinds of lottery scams can prove to be very dangerous for you, so always try to stay away from them. Never get tempted and use strong and reliable security solutions.

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How efficient tablets can be when used as secondary computers at work?

As time will move on, tablets will be used in enterprises in an increasing count. Enterprises meanwhile struggling with how to make these work, should continue keeping desktops as primary computers and tablets as the secondary devices.

Some companies however have already started using tablets as the primary computing devices for users. These are not so popular, as laptops and desktops still continue to rule the office. So, all those companies who are planning to go mobile are now struggling to find how tablets can be brought in, which can help in increasing productivity of workers but at a reduced cost.

People, who are responsible for corporate PC deployments, consider tablets as already being the primary computers in companies. The step is being speculated to help tablets takeover the aging laptops and desktops. History however shows that having one computer per employee is a good and usual approach, which must be taken.

Bringing tablets to work will help in improving the existing infrastructure of computer. This is specifically apt for those companies who implement a BYOD program. This will help in easing the tablet without causing any stress on the existing environment.

Tablets are popular as consumption devices and this has worked pretty well for most firms. When considering the utilization on a tablet we think of video, music and other like things, but this even implies to databases and documents.

Tablets seem an ideal choice for employees to have a look at the last quarterly figures as an example and also to discuss thoughts about the same. Also, the onscreen keyboard helps in making small changes in work documents and doing some light editing work easily.

Field representatives, in the meantime, can have computers at office for doing desk work and can use tablets when on the road. Sales representatives also consider tablets great in accessing price databases at office, while being in front of a customers’ desk. This denotes a perfect example for the tablet as a secondary computer.

Tablets by nature describe very personal computers and it’s not unlikely for those new in this line to take to them. These employees thus end up being more productive while working on the tablet than being without the same. This will help a tablet in playing a greater role in enterprises down the line.

Concluding the same, it’s easier for employees to buy into using the tablet; if it turns out to be not the only computer at work. Firms can begin by offering employees a computer in the office and a tablet while on the go. This approach will help employers see that how quickly employees adopt the tablet culture at work.

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A new OpenSSL vulnerability released as Heartbleed

heartbleedA new OpenSSL vulnerability has lately surfaced and many firms were annoyed with this finding, as the bug was found even before the patches were released for the same.

New security loops are a common occurrence which keeps happening always. Latest on this front is the Heartbleed bug in the OpenSSL cryptographic library, which experts believe is a really appalling one.

Heartbleed meanwhile affects only the 1.0.1 and the 1.0.2 beta releases of the Open SSL, but something that must be noted is that 1.01 is already deployed globally. As Transport Layer Security and Secure Socket Layer are at the core of Internet security, thus this security glitch cannot be just ignored.

This security glitch can be used in revealing not only the contents of a secured message like a financial transaction over HTTPs, but also the primary and secondary SSL keys too. This hacked data can then be used like skeleton keys to bypass secured servers without even making them aware that a website’s security has been bypassed.

This bug is not linked with the inherent design of the OpenSSL, but is an implementation issue, which means it’s an outcome of a programming error. The fix for the 1.01 program has been made available, but work is in progress for the 1.02 beta version.

The result is expected to be bad enough, but something that’s really bothering security companies and operating systems is that OpenSSL and others have not delivered the patched versions which could have possibly limited the blackhat hacking problems.  In the meantime, CloudFlare, a Web security company, touts to have fixed the bug making use of the method described by OpenSSL. But, for all others the methods were not leaked for broad deployment.

Some leading companies are now working at a very fast pace to release the patched versions of OpenSSL for their clients. It’s the need to deploy the patched version for both OpenSSL 1.01 and 1.02 as soon as possible, to ensure the outcome doesn’t turn outrageous.

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Microsoft updated IE11 and added new features for Desktop and Mobile versions

IE 11In addition to the Windows 8.1 update, Microsoft also made announcement about an update on its popular web browser, Internet Explorer 11. The changes in the desktop version of the browser mostly focus on enterprise users, around F12 developer tools and revamping the interface to make it at par with Windows Update. Meanwhile, the IE11 for the first time has been released for mobiles.

The changes for Windows Phone users are pretty dramatic. IE 11 on mobile now shows a distraction-free reading mode, unlimited tabs and InPrivate browsing features. To add to the speed, the new version will also accomplish pre-loading and pre-rendering tasks.

Just like on desktop, phone users of Windows will now have freedom to pin sites as live tiles and tabs will also be synced between devices. The JavaScript engine has also been updated, which is expected to be 20% faster than the past versions.

Another new feature is the High Savings Mode that resembles the data-savings proxy of Google and Turbo Mode of Opera. This mode will help in routing data via data centers of Microsoft and the service will ensure compression of images and other page elements. In all, the data usage is expected to go down by about 60 to 80 percent. The service will help in loading only those page elements which are relevant for the content to be viewed. This mode, in later time, will also make way to the desktops.

On desktop, the major additions veil behind the F12 developer tools. The debugger now features a tool that helps in measuring UI responsiveness and other enhancements that will let developers drill down to how codes perform on IE.

Enterprise users will also see a host of new features. Most crucial on this part is a new compatibility mode that helps organizations in running web apps written for Internet Explorer 8. IT departments will have freedom to create an exception list. Enterprises will be highly benefitted from a modern browser which will still give firms the freedom to bring down the upgrade cost and also add to the life of older apps.

Unlike the previously released versions of IE, Microsoft will bring an update for Windows 7 version at the same time when launching the update of Windows 8.1.

Not leaving developers behind, Microsoft has initiated many changes to become more transparent about its web standard support offerings. Status modem ie, will offer developers an inside into what standards IE supports, which are under consideration and which Microsoft is actively working on. Currently it’s just in its beta version that allows for a two-way communication with the Internet Explorer team, but the dialog is what Microsoft is seeking for and will be updated on the site later.

To show the power of IE11 on WebGL, both on mobile and desktop, Microsoft has even released a new version of its aquarium benchmark, and this time it’s made available in a full WebGL beauty.

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Microsoft to reveal two new suites- Office for iPad and Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS)

SONY DSCMicrosoft is involved in the process of creating a new Enterprise Mobile Suite bundle, targeted to assist enterprise users manage Windows, iOS and Android devices in a better way.

The CEO at Microsoft, Satya Nadella, is anticipated to release the long-awaited Microsoft Office for iPad suite soon. Also, there have been rumors coming that another suite from Microsoft will be released on the same day itself.

The second suite is a licensing bundle which is deciphered as Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS), and has been specifically created for the bigger enterprises, which require managing iPhones, iPads, Windows devices, Android devices and others.

Windows Server is Microsoft’s cross-platform device management tool for enterprises; others include the Windows Intune and System Center as well. Meanwhile, officials at Microsoft Technologies discussed about the enterprise device management capabilities, stating that it gives user the freedom to manage Windows, iOS, Windows RT devices, Android, content, applications and data.

EMSEMS, on the other hand, will present a way for organizations to get hold of a number of Microsoft technologies for the BYOD or bring your own device scenarios. Also, inside this suite are a new Microsoft Azure Active Directory ‘Premium” offering as Windows Intune and also the Azure Rights Management Services.

The Active Directory Premium is a paid version of Azure Active Directory which presents capabilities covering the self-service password reset of user, self-service group management, group-based application access and other features which are business-centric for the cloud version of Active Directory.

The Cloud-based device management and security service of Microsoft, Windows Intune, is capable of managing heterogeneous BYOD scenarios when bundled with the System Centre product at Microsoft. Meanwhile, Intune is being updated and revised to manage not few, but thousands of devices form the cloud while erasing the need of a System Center. Also, Intune is expected to support Windows Phone 8.1, which will be soon released by the company and also support for Samsung Knox BYOD security platform for Android devices is being speculated.

When asked about the EMS from the officials at Microsoft they had just one thing to say and which was ‘nothing’!

The CEO at Microsoft, Satya Nadella is expected to make announcement for the Office for iPad and EMS soon during a webcast announcement, which took place at San Francisco. The event will be streamed live from the New Centre at Microsoft.

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1 month of top-quality Remote support service for your PC: now available for free!

FreeWondering how someone can give something worth $99.99, for free? But, it’s actually true and at SupportMart. The company involved in presenting clients with dedicated computer support has now brought for their esteemed users their latest offering in the form of a free giveaway. This free giveaway from SupportMart will require just few minutes of yours. What For? For answering 7 simple questions linked with your PC and technical support service provider.

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First ever Ubuntu based phone to be released this year by Canonical

The Linux Firm, Canonical, which creates Ubuntu Operating System has recently made an announcement saying that the company will release its first ever smartphones from two manufacturers in the ongoing year, 2014.

Ubuntu based smartphone, the first ever, by Canonical will be released this year. The manufacturer of this is a Spanish manufacturing company that’s involved in creating multimedia devices and is known by the name BQ, the second manufacture meanwhile is Meizu, which is a Chinese company involves in the manufacturing of smartphones. The phones after launch can be purchased from and also the websites of the two manufacturers.

First ever Ubuntu based phone to be released this year by CanonicalThe founder of Canonical, throwing more light on this news said that the company first tried to work with some renowned brands. But, chose BQ and Meizu finally as they wished to launch the device into the market quickly, which seemed somehow impossible with the bigger brands.

The company, meanwhile, is excited about this new venture which they have signed with two household companies, with the sole aim of releasing the device and getting started with this plan in this year. Also, you can expect the release of some tablets from Canonical as well, sooner.

Canoncial when asked about the specification of the devices was not ready to say anything, except that the smartphones and tablets will be based on Ubuntu. And about the unveiling, these will be unveiled at the MWC or Mobile World Congress which is going to be held next week in Barcelona. This will cover the smartphones from Meizu and BQ as well. Meanwhile, rumors say that the device by BQ will feature a dual sim character and the one by Meizu will use similar hardware to what was used in the previous phones by this company.

It’s even being speculated that Canonical is releasing Ubuntu passed phones as an alternative for those that run on Android. They even say that Windows Phone and Blackberry have never been and will not be their competitors. Users of Windows and BB might not switch to the Ubuntu platform, but those who are using Android might be interested in using the same. The company firmly believes that Ubuntu based phones will truly be an option for many users who have till now been using Android.

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Email accounts at Yahoo hacked again in less than two months

Email accounts at Yahoo hacked again in less than two months Its Yahoo again, and this time it’s about the stealing of usernames and passwords of some Yahoo users with an intention to embezzle their personal information.

Yahoo Inc, meanwhile, has agreed that email accounts of some of its users were hijacked by a malware, which is software-based. The attackers tried to access accounts by using information shared on third-party websites, is what the company stated on their blog.

As per stats, Yahoo stands just behind Gmail, as the second-largest email service provider on earth. Globally there are 273 million email accounts at Yahoo, with 81 million from United States alone. The exact count about how many users suffered from this malicious software has not been revealed, but the main aim of hackers was to look for information in the most recently sent emails by users.

In their official blog, Yahoo said, “The information sought in the attack seems to be names and email addresses from the affected accounts’ most recent sent emails.”

Meanwhile, the senior vice present at Yahoo said that security attacks are turning into a common place, which is a misfortune for all. The company has deeply regretted with all that the users went through, after this hacking incidence and says that the security of data of users is a prime concern for them. The company in order to prevent such episodes in future is now working with Federal law enforcement in the U.S. to study the attacks more profoundly.

The passwords on the hacked accounts have been changed and additional safety measures have also been implemented.

The cyber attack surfaced just after Yahoo encrypted all its data and email servers. The company made announcement of a default HTTPS encryption for Yahoo mail users to prevent the incidences of cyber attacks from email accounts of users. The changes however seem trivial, as just few days after the encryption the email server at Yahoo got jacked with the information of users getting stolen. This is the second hacking episode the company saw in a span of just two months. Yahoo email service suffered a multiday outage in December, last year too.

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Refrigerators and TVs: the new target of hackers being turned to spambots

Refrigerators and TVs: the new target of hackers being turned to spambotsTechnology is rapidly advancing and one of the biggest exemplifications of this is the smart refrigerator, which has now been turned into a machine that sends spam.

The complete evidence for the same has still not been revealed, but it’s been found that there is at least one botnet that can transform devices that are considered harmless; like the media players, televisions, routers and smart refrigerators, into zombies.

You may wonder, what can be the harm that these appliances can cause, and it’s all overhyped?  Then think again, as there is not just 1-2, but an army of more than 100,000 of these who are working in collaboration, which depicts that the answer to your questions is “something you cannot overlook”. The work is not happening at a very fast pace though. As per Proofpoint, which is an Enterprise Security outfit, 750,000 spam emails have already been figured out.

It’s being speculated that it’s the first of the botnet that’s been associated with something other than a computing device. What has been discovered is a hybrid. These internet “things”, in fact have been teamed with around 300,000 computers that have already been infected.

The emails were sent in groups of around 100,000 emails at a time, which were sent during late December and early January. This clearly shows only a few volleys have been sent out so far, so what would be the effect if the controller for this botnet is not ramped.

Running an antimalware program will not give people freedom from the infection; in fact a firmware update would be required. In reality, meanwhile, most users are not really concerned that whether their device is fully updated or not.

Its high-time now and manufacturers must seriously do something about the devices which they are shipping that boast dolefully substandard security and can put any buyer’s security at great risk.

Manufacturers are being demanded to do something about this without any further delays and especially before the same kills us and all our hopes, which rest with only something too big and equipped.

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