User’s disliking for Windows 8 pushes HP to promote windows 7 again

User’s disliking for Windows 8 pushes HP to promote windows 7 againHP, which keeps releasing something new always, over this weekend, unveiled a brand new campaign. The company is now proudly shouting off the availability of systems that run Windows 7, especially for buyers who just wish to run away from Windows 8 asap.

Even after many comments, HP is not quitting Windows 8, but has found a way that is by presenting fresh Windows 7 PCs for sale. HP however did never stopped selling PCs based on Windows 7.

HP is doing what the TV advertisers of today do. Meanwhile, chief OEMs have never given up on the last-generation of Windows OS, until they were left with no other option. Consumers aimed machines might soon become hard to fetch and business configs are available for a long time after the launch of the new OS.

On the other hand, Microsoft usually does not stop selling the OEM licenses for its past operating systems for two years, after the new ones starts selling. So, you will be able to find computers with last batch of Windows 7 licenses until the end of 2014. And even after this, you will still be able to buy a Windows 8.1 Pro system that entails downgrade rights for Windows 7.

Another interesting fact is that what HP is claiming to do just now is something what Dell has already done. Similar thing happened with Dell, when users begged to bring the XP OS back, which Dell did soon after that. So, when do you think Dell stopped the sale of Windows XP? The answer is in 2010, it was only after a year of Windows 7 arrival.

If we believe in the statement that ‘history repeats itself’, then HP might flog computers with Windows 7, maybe till the year 2018. Or it might change, especially with the announcement of a new OS by Windows- ‘the Windows 9’, expected to get released later this year or early next year.

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What will happen to your PC’s security after Microsoft withdraws XP in April?

XP-deadThe end of your beloved OS- “Windows XP” is nearing, with not even three months left. Microsoft thus advised to update to Windows 7 or Windows 8 to enjoy a more modern experience. Even after so many warnings, some people will continue using XP and after it ends, what will happen to their computer’s antivirus protection? It’s been reported that vendors of the 30 most popular antiviruses existing currently will continue support for their products on XP, even after Microsoft withdraws support on April 8th.

If possible, it’s always advised to opt for another upgraded operating system and get over XP. As it’s speculated that once Microsoft stops support, XP will become an easy target and may thus stop preventing malwares attacking the computer. The deal between the antivirus and operating system will terminate in April, making XP vulnerable and open to threats.

Microsoft recently gave surprising news by informing that the support for Microsoft Security Essentials by Microsoft will be continued till 14th July 2015, this is to help organizations complete the migration task efficiently. On the other hand, other security vendors like Avira, Bitdefender and TrendMicro have already given an ending date for supporting antivirus installation on Windows XP. For Avira the last date is April 8th 2015, for Bitdefender its January 2016 and for TrendMicro deadline is 30th January 2017. With this, you now have enough time to decide.

Meanwhile, some companies even said that till now they have no proposed plans for ending product support for XP, which they plan to continue for two more years at least. Some have given their deadline already and still others are ready to continue support for XP, if demand exists.

Enthusiasm for XP continues…

In spite of all the news and plans and deadlines, there are some companies that are not sticking to that “couple of years promise”. Kaspersky is one such name planning to continue support till 2018. Webroot, with no definite plans, will continue support till April 2019 or even beyond. Norton has still not decided and whether they will end support early or late is still an unanswered truth, which only Norton or time will reveal.

The article here has tried to throw light on companies and vendors and how long they are planning to support XP. Well, experts still recommend stopping the use of Internet Explorer on XP, with the support no longer available for this OS and switch to others like Firefox or Chrome. Also, moving away from Outlook Express on XP is being speculated.

So, what actually all this will reveal is something you will get to know only at the right time. Will you completely leave XP and put it away from your PC or will you continue, it’s a personal decision, but making you aware is our responsibility. So, use your head and choose an option that will continue supporting you and securing your PC.

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Secured Android communications to be released with Blackphone

If you too are apprehensive about privacy, with all that’s going on about violations and intrusions just now, then consider the BlackPhone, which will surely grab your attention.

Secured Android communications to be released with Blackphone

It’s a phone that focuses solely on privacy. In fact, the release tagged it as the first smartphone on the planet that will place privacy and complete control totally into the hands of its users.

The new Blackphone is powered by PrivatOS, which is a security-oriented Android OS. It will not come with ties to any carrier or vendors and will permit users for secured communications. It covers everything from texting, secured phone calls, file transferring, video chatting and host of other activities.

The Blackphone aims at presenting users with everything they wished to ensure control and privacy of their communications. The phone will come with all other high-end features that the smartphones of today pack.

The details for now are not so easily available and will be soon aired on the website for Blackphone. The pre-order is expected to initiate by the 24th of February 2014. This is the official start date of MWC for 2014 where the gate to the modern world “Android-Blackberry” is expected to get opened.

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Acer Aspire Z3-600- It’s a new machine from Acer redefining computing experience

Acer Aspire Z3-600Acer, a renowned brand offering innovative computers to users, has recently unveiled its latest machine in the form of Acer Aspire Z3-600. It’s a combination of a tablet and a desktop, and is released in 21.5 inch, a dimension that is enough to make any user fancy. Running on Windows 8, it comes with a touchscreen and a rechargeable battery. It’s easily convertible into a giant tablet, and is great for users who do not wish to stay attached to an upright stand at the back.

Great speakers, full-HD screen quality and an HDMI are enough to impress any onlooker in just the first glimpse. It can be used a Blu-Ray display or a game console. Not a computing miracle, but the Intel Pentium processor empowers it to deliver decent performance. Inside it packs a 750GB HDD and 4 GB RAM.

Acer Aspire Z3-600; a machine that combines Windows 8.1 Tablet with a Desktop

Windows 8 blurred the line that existed between desktop and mobile operating systems. But Acer Aspire Z3-600 takes it a step further by decking up a tablet and an all-in-one in a single machine. It’s truly a value for money device, which is bound to tempt many users.

The battery life is of 2.5 hours, during which a user can use PC or get entertained or do anything else. The convenient stand makes it even more useful when learning video recipes or playing games. Also, a comfortable lap angle is available to help users enjoy unlimited web browsing.

The power is enough to enjoy multitasking, causal gaming, productivity apps and socialize on web. It’s a family computer, that’s a perfect choice for the ongoing holiday season, so don’t forget reviewing it before you pay the bill for another gadget.

Help is a call away

Understanding the features and functionality of every new Acer machine is not in the scope of every user out there. Just who can help are the Acer tech support experts offering support over phone, email and through live chat.

You just need to call Acer technical support number at SupportMart to get connected with an Acer expert who will help in resolving the issue in no time. So, whether it’s linked with the in-built functionality or when looking to add or download a new app, what you need is simply making a call on a number, which is toll free and where support is offered any hour, any day and anywhere.

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Dell technical support technicians are always a call away at SupportMart

Dell TechniciansYou rely on a lot of devices to keep your business running and a computer is usually on the top of the list. Our lives today are driven by technology and a mal-functionality or a flaw is enough to take away peace from our days. What you look for at such instances is getting an appointment from a technician who can without any delay come to your home or office to fix the issue. Gone are the days when relying on a technician to reach your doorstep was the only way to get troubleshooting for your PC. Time has changed now and today remote technical support for computer has taken over all other means of issue resolution.

Most brands these days have a dedicated support desk to help users get easy and quick issue resolution for their computers. Similar is with Dell, where Dell technical support experts with their knowledge, skill and technical expertise can help in erasing all sorts of issues easily and conveniently.

Today many third-party vendors are stepping into this industry to help users enjoy complete peace of mind and ease of support. SupportMart is one such global leader on this front, which has in its arsenal a dedicated team of Dell support technicians who can be reached any hour of the day and any day at the Dell technical support number.

Getting help from experts, who know it all, was never this easy, quick and convenient as it has now turned with professionals at SupportMart.

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Windows Phone 8.1 to include Siri-Like Tech for users

Windows-Phone-8.1Microsoft is all set to release its new Windows Phone 8.1 updated operating system. Its being speculated that two major additions or changes have been inculcated, which include a notification center and a personal voice assistant, inspired by Siri.

Speculated to get unveiled in April 2014, this mobile operating system by Microsoft will pack the most-awaited notification center. This feature can be easily enabled by swiping down the top screen, just like it’s done in Android and iOS. For quick settings, a short swipe is enough, while for a full notification history; a longer swipe across the screen would be needed.

Another most-talked about addition entails a replacement for the Bing search, which would be taken over by a personal voice assistant, dubbed “Cortana”. It’s a Siri-like digital assistant, which will help users interact using text or voice input. It’s expected that Cortana will work much like Google Now.

Like Siri on Apple and Google Now, Cortana can learn data and location context from the phone and will thus help in automatically reminding a user about an important meeting that is scheduled soon, based on memos entered by the user.

Cortana has been included in many versions of Halo, and when reviewed on Halo 4, this feature was named as “omniscient gal computer”.

More changes entail the end of a physical home button on the new Windows Phone, which will now be taken over by a touch-screen button. Windows Phone 8.1 is also touted to include separate volume controls, VPN support, Bing smart search results, and separate apps for Xbox Video and Xbox Music. Social apps like Facebook and Twitter to add to the ‘socializing” effect, will also be in this add-on list.

Android phone users will not find it difficult in migrating to the new Windows Phone devices due to the many design and functional similarities, both these share. Complete details of “what’s in” and “what’s out” will be revealed at the BUILD Conference by Microsoft in April.

The rumors however followed an announcement by Microsoft, which said that the Phone Store at Windows Phone will have more than 200,000 apps and will process more than 12 million transactions in a single day.

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Acer adheres the tabletop population with its new Z3 Aspire

acer-aspire-z3-605-ur23-rearAcer, the leading computer manufacturing company, is all set to now become a part of the tabletop population. This newest family will comprise of portable big-screen computers that are referred as tabletop PCs. You can consider or call it anything: an ‘all-in-one PC’ that comes with battery power or a ‘giant-sized tablet’, as per your wish.

It’s about the Acer Aspire Z3 600, which is a 21.5 inch all-in-one powered by battery and attached with a kickstand. With this one, Acer now plans to share the screen with Lenovo, Sony and HP, who are already a part and are soon expected to release a hybrid system. Compared to most of the existing tabletops, which have a 20 inch screen, the Z3 comes with 21.5 inch display screen. Also, there’s attached a folding hinge that helps in keeping this upright or making it lie down on the desk or table.

The price at which this is available currently is $800 making it a great deal for a tabletop PC with these specs. The Z3 is equipped with full HD display, HDMI input to use it with a game console or blu-ray player and Harman Kordon speakers, alongside other specs. The battery will deliver 2.5 hours of use, which is great for a tabletop PC. Also, the CPU is powered with an Intel Pentium Processor. In addition, inside the machine are 750GB HDD and 4GB RAM, which are pretty decent as per the requirements of today.

You can buy it just in time for Christmas, with the release speculated to be very near the 25th of December, and can take it home at a price of $779.

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See everything with the new 4K monitor at Dell

Dell, the leader in PC industry, recently unveiled
its newest member in the form of a new 24-inch monitor. Although a monitor, but
the features it packs are simply impressive, making it ideal for animation
artists, game developers, video editors and all those professionals for who
monitors mean a lot at work.
This one boasts of having the highest pixel density
that can help in sharpening even the tiniest of details, thus offering videos
and images a stunning look and appearance. This new monitor at Dell is equipped
with Ultra HD feature, which is four times that of an HD quality. The viewing
angle is ultrawide to give you a clear and consistent viewing experience every
You can now get to see more of everything, with this
monitor depicting the smallest detail easily. The widescreen viewing and the wide
viewing angle is enough to help you see even the finest of details, which you
till now missed due to poor clarity and quality. So, get ready to take your
computer experience to a whole new level with new 24 inch monitor from Dell,
here to show you all that you’ve been missing.
The UltraHD 4K monitors are released even in the 32
inch version, which will soon make to the market. Understanding the advanced
functionality at Dell is not always easy for users, but someone who can make it
easy are the Technical supportexecutives for Dell at SupportMart.
No more problems with Dell can now trouble you, with
expert assistance for Dell offered
over phone, email and through live chat at SupportMart. So, avail support by
this three-way method today.
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Get ace Kaspersky support at SupportMart tech support desk

kaspersky_logo_Worried about your computer’s security? Incidences of viruses and theft attacks have been giving you a difficult time, while dealing with your PC’s security? If these are the questions burdening your mind, turn to the ace support offered by Kaspersky antivirus. This leading security solution now has a huge fan following, with the number getting better every new day. Dealing with an antivirus is not easy, seeing the issues that can pop up when installing, un-installing, re-installing or troubleshooting. So, stop worrying and for Kaspersky support count on the Kaspersky customer support number.

This support is offered by many companies and one name that tops this list is taken by SupportMart. The Kaspersky antivirus support number here is supported by experienced professionals, who wish in delivering the best solution in the easiest way possible. This global tech support company has a comprehensive portfolio of products for which tech support is offered easily and always, the offerings for antivirus support are extensive and dedicated.

Experts here work to make the digital world safer by installing antivirus solutions that are best and most equipped. So, switch to ace protection with Kaspersky and for support in any form and at any step, just contact an expert here.

Support is offered in a three-way manner, which entails phone support, email support and support through live chat. So, choose one that is ideal for you and can best fit in your needs and preferences.

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How to Program Maintenance Tasks in Windows 7 OS?

Just like any other machine, even computers require regular maintenance. There are many ways of ensuring that the maintenance task gets easily accomplished. For Windows 7, there’s the Windows Task Scheduler than can help your PC in running at its best, with a simple scheduling for defragmenting your computer, running backups and more such activities.

To begin with the Maintenance Task in Windows 7:

  • Click Start>Control panel> System> Security, next click Schedule Task in Admin Tool, the Task Scheduler dialog box would then open.
  • Next, Click Action>Create Task, this would lead to the opening of Task Scheduler dialog box.
  • You next need to enter the name and a description and choose the time when the task will run. You can also choose to run the task, either when you are logged in or logged off. Any name would do and it’s there to help in future references only. Descriptions help you remain aware about what the task is anticipated to perform.
  • Next Click Trigger and then New. From the drop down choose a criterion in ‘Begin the Task tab’ and then click OK. You can customize settings as to when and at what time you want the task performed.
  • Next click ‘Actions’ followed by New. When the New Action box appears, click on the ‘Actions’ that are displayed in the drop-down menu. It would include starting a program, displaying a message and sending an email. The dialog box that next appears would be action specific. For example, an email form would appear if you click on send an email option.
  • Next you need to fill the needed info in the context-specific dialog box and then click OK. You also have an option of setting specific conditions on the Conditions tab as per your wish and needs. There are many options and you can choose something like saving battery power or prevention of slowing down a computer, when you are using the same.
  • Next Click on the Settings tab and adjust those that control the task, after all the settings have been changed, click OK and save to come out of this.

Above mentioned are steps that can help in maintaining your Windows 7 to ensure your computer runs at top speed. For any kind of assistance for Windows 7 or any other browser from the Microsoft family, support can be easily availed at Microsoft tech support number.

Microsoft Windows 7 technical support number is like an ideal and reliable partner on which you can count on to experience enhanced functionality.

About Author:Herry Willson is a Tech support expert who works for SupportMart, leading technical support Company in the US. They Provide support for all brand’s
antivirus, computer, desktops, laptops and Printers. You can get in touch with
them at 1800 793 7521 toll free.
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