Norton Alarms an Instagram Scam, Involving US $1000 Free Giveaway

NortonThe well known digital data protection company Norton, is alarming users not to follow those Instagram Accounts that promise to give away US $1000 all for free on a condition that you simply have to start following them and comment on their post. This Instagram scam is pretty new and was very active the past week. Instagram scammers were actually using images of offering fake lottery winnings to followers on their accounts. Surprisingly they were quite much successful in fooling people out and have convinced people (their followers) to share their posts, give up personal information, and even send money back to the scammers. These accounts had 5000 to 100,000 followers.

In this Instagram lottery scam, scammers actually followed a simple technique, they at first made number of Instagram accounts, which they then used to impersonate as real-life lottery winners from UK and US. In these accounts they simply posted a photo that claims that they won a lottery and are willing to giveaway US $1000 from the winning amount to every single Instagram user who will follow them and then leave comment with an email address or share their post.

Once the scammers built up a certain number of followers in Instagram then, they reveal another Instagram account that belongs to their accountant and who is in charge of delivering the US $1000 amount to the users, but with a catch. The catch is, in order to deliver the said US $1000 amount, these accountants account ask Instagram users to send US $0.99 in order to cover the postage fees for sending the checks. Even though the amount seems less with a single user, but when combined it does becomes a pretty hefty sum. Besides this the other main goal of this scam is to build up thousands of followers for personal use or for resale. An account having thousands of followers is worth a good sum.

So what should a user do is stay away from such kind of posts and accounts, and use a strong internet protection software, like the Norton Internet Security from Symantec. This tool is a pretty reliable solution that protects you from all online threats and notifies you of all suspected links, posts, activities etc. Usually, these tools does work fine but if you face any problem with using it or installing it. Simply calling at Norton customer support number and telling your issues to expert can solve your problems.

There are many support companies, but only a few are good. Techcillin is one of the best companies that provide effective and quick support for Norton issues.

As these kinds of lottery scams can prove to be very dangerous for you, so always try to stay away from them. Never get tempted and use strong and reliable security solutions.

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