Refrigerators and TVs: the new target of hackers being turned to spambots

Refrigerators and TVs: the new target of hackers being turned to spambotsTechnology is rapidly advancing and one of the biggest exemplifications of this is the smart refrigerator, which has now been turned into a machine that sends spam.

The complete evidence for the same has still not been revealed, but it’s been found that there is at least one botnet that can transform devices that are considered harmless; like the media players, televisions, routers and smart refrigerators, into zombies.

You may wonder, what can be the harm that these appliances can cause, and it’s all overhyped?  Then think again, as there is not just 1-2, but an army of more than 100,000 of these who are working in collaboration, which depicts that the answer to your questions is “something you cannot overlook”. The work is not happening at a very fast pace though. As per Proofpoint, which is an Enterprise Security outfit, 750,000 spam emails have already been figured out.

It’s being speculated that it’s the first of the botnet that’s been associated with something other than a computing device. What has been discovered is a hybrid. These internet “things”, in fact have been teamed with around 300,000 computers that have already been infected.

The emails were sent in groups of around 100,000 emails at a time, which were sent during late December and early January. This clearly shows only a few volleys have been sent out so far, so what would be the effect if the controller for this botnet is not ramped.

Running an antimalware program will not give people freedom from the infection; in fact a firmware update would be required. In reality, meanwhile, most users are not really concerned that whether their device is fully updated or not.

Its high-time now and manufacturers must seriously do something about the devices which they are shipping that boast dolefully substandard security and can put any buyer’s security at great risk.

Manufacturers are being demanded to do something about this without any further delays and especially before the same kills us and all our hopes, which rest with only something too big and equipped.

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