Microsoft updated IE11 and added new features for Desktop and Mobile versions

IE 11In addition to the Windows 8.1 update, Microsoft also made announcement about an update on its popular web browser, Internet Explorer 11. The changes in the desktop version of the browser mostly focus on enterprise users, around F12 developer tools and revamping the interface to make it at par with Windows Update. Meanwhile, the IE11 for the first time has been released for mobiles.

The changes for Windows Phone users are pretty dramatic. IE 11 on mobile now shows a distraction-free reading mode, unlimited tabs and InPrivate browsing features. To add to the speed, the new version will also accomplish pre-loading and pre-rendering tasks.

Just like on desktop, phone users of Windows will now have freedom to pin sites as live tiles and tabs will also be synced between devices. The JavaScript engine has also been updated, which is expected to be 20% faster than the past versions.

Another new feature is the High Savings Mode that resembles the data-savings proxy of Google and Turbo Mode of Opera. This mode will help in routing data via data centers of Microsoft and the service will ensure compression of images and other page elements. In all, the data usage is expected to go down by about 60 to 80 percent. The service will help in loading only those page elements which are relevant for the content to be viewed. This mode, in later time, will also make way to the desktops.

On desktop, the major additions veil behind the F12 developer tools. The debugger now features a tool that helps in measuring UI responsiveness and other enhancements that will let developers drill down to how codes perform on IE.

Enterprise users will also see a host of new features. Most crucial on this part is a new compatibility mode that helps organizations in running web apps written for Internet Explorer 8. IT departments will have freedom to create an exception list. Enterprises will be highly benefitted from a modern browser which will still give firms the freedom to bring down the upgrade cost and also add to the life of older apps.

Unlike the previously released versions of IE, Microsoft will bring an update for Windows 7 version at the same time when launching the update of Windows 8.1.

Not leaving developers behind, Microsoft has initiated many changes to become more transparent about its web standard support offerings. Status modem ie, will offer developers an inside into what standards IE supports, which are under consideration and which Microsoft is actively working on. Currently it’s just in its beta version that allows for a two-way communication with the Internet Explorer team, but the dialog is what Microsoft is seeking for and will be updated on the site later.

To show the power of IE11 on WebGL, both on mobile and desktop, Microsoft has even released a new version of its aquarium benchmark, and this time it’s made available in a full WebGL beauty.

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