Toshiba launches its new Ultra HD laptop as Satellite P50t 4k

Toshiba_Chromebook_highresToshiba recently made an announcement about the release of its newest laptop in the line of ultra HD machines by the company. Named as the Satellite P50t 4k, this notebook is created with a 15.6 inch screen and can thus offer 282 pixels per inch. However, the price for the same has not been released.

4k resolution with four times as many pixels as Full HD is quickly overpowering the display industry. The same has already started making an impact in the TV market and is now making way in the desktop monitors. Laptop screens are naturally bound to be the next step in their evolution and Toshiba trying to get ahead in this race is ushering in a new notebook which comes with an alternative Ultra HD display.

Satellite P50t 4k by Toshiba will be the first-of-its kind machine that will offer such high screen resolution and a screen of 15.6 inch, this works to be 282 pixels per inch. Each 4k display by Toshiba is calibrated by the Portrait Display by Chroma Tune software released by Technicolor Color certified to fine tune the color gamut for digital artists, designers and any person who will be interested in investing on such a configuration.

The buyers will also like the high-quality specs which come alongside the Ultra HD display property. This will include an AMD Radeon R9 M265X graphics card, Intel Core i7 processor and an in-built Blu-ray drive. The notebook will also come with a 16GB of RAM and 1 TB hard drive. An Ultrabook with all this and such amazing specs is an ideal bet at 4.86 pounds and 1.1 inch thickness.

In case buyers want to spend a little less but for the same configuration, a version of Satellite P50t is also available without the Ultra HD display. The price part by Toshiba has still not been revealed, but users can pretty soon get hands on experience, at least in the U.K. to begin with.

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