Email accounts at Yahoo hacked again in less than two months

Email accounts at Yahoo hacked again in less than two months Its Yahoo again, and this time it’s about the stealing of usernames and passwords of some Yahoo users with an intention to embezzle their personal information.

Yahoo Inc, meanwhile, has agreed that email accounts of some of its users were hijacked by a malware, which is software-based. The attackers tried to access accounts by using information shared on third-party websites, is what the company stated on their blog.

As per stats, Yahoo stands just behind Gmail, as the second-largest email service provider on earth. Globally there are 273 million email accounts at Yahoo, with 81 million from United States alone. The exact count about how many users suffered from this malicious software has not been revealed, but the main aim of hackers was to look for information in the most recently sent emails by users.

In their official blog, Yahoo said, “The information sought in the attack seems to be names and email addresses from the affected accounts’ most recent sent emails.”

Meanwhile, the senior vice present at Yahoo said that security attacks are turning into a common place, which is a misfortune for all. The company has deeply regretted with all that the users went through, after this hacking incidence and says that the security of data of users is a prime concern for them. The company in order to prevent such episodes in future is now working with Federal law enforcement in the U.S. to study the attacks more profoundly.

The passwords on the hacked accounts have been changed and additional safety measures have also been implemented.

The cyber attack surfaced just after Yahoo encrypted all its data and email servers. The company made announcement of a default HTTPS encryption for Yahoo mail users to prevent the incidences of cyber attacks from email accounts of users. The changes however seem trivial, as just few days after the encryption the email server at Yahoo got jacked with the information of users getting stolen. This is the second hacking episode the company saw in a span of just two months. Yahoo email service suffered a multiday outage in December, last year too.

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