Discussing the common issues with Dell laptops and their possible resolution

Suppose you are working on an important assignment on your Dell laptop and you have to send the work done latest in next two hours. Means you don’t even have time for a break but suddenly your laptop starts to behave strangely. Either the specific application (MS Office) crashes down or you got Blue Screen of Death. In such situations, you just want to get your PC fixed within minutes in order to continue with your work.

The real problem arises when you come to know that your Dell laptop is out-of-warranty or when you don’t receive the expected help from Dell itself. So what will you do now? Don’t get much worried about your PC problem and think about the on-demand Dell Computers Support from SupportMart. Here, we are not selling our services but just trying to aware you about the benefits of on-demand technical support.

Following are few common problems with Dell laptops:

Not able to boot Windows
Sometimes the Windows system files get corrupted and the user is even not able to boot the Windows. You may get the Blue Screen while starting up the computer after the Windows logo. Disconnect all the external devices like printer, digital camera, USB drive, USB modem, etc. and start your PC.

You can also try to start your PC in Safe Mode or Safe Mode with Networking. In Safe Mode, you have to disable all the external device drivers in Device Manager. If you are not able to do technical steps or still face the problem then go for online Dell Computer Service.

Laptop works quite slowly
It is one of the most faced problems on Dell laptops. Sometimes the newly purchased notebooks started to work quite slowly. This is because of the wrong computer settings, too much load of system software, virus infections, and other reasons.

You have to set the Virtual Memory to the correct amount and disable the unwanted applications on system startup using MSCONFIG. It is also recommended to remove unwanted programs from your computer and scan your PC for virus infections. You can also get online Dell Computer Technical Support.

Problem in installing any application
The situation becomes quite worse when you had paid to buy the application or device but now it is not being installed. There are times when you try to upgrade the antivirus or any other software, however, gets annoying error message during this process.

This problem occurs due to compatibility issues between application and computer platform, insufficient rights, conflicts of application with other software, Registry errors, virus infections, etc. You can take on-demand Dell Computer Repair from the computer experts to resolve these issues.

We hope that above three problems with Dell laptops and their suggested resolution will help you to do your work without problem. If you have recently faced a problem with your Dell laptop then please share it and its possible resolution with other readers. Sharing your knowledge will always increase it.

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